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  • Why Moveasy?
    Moveasy offers trained and experienced professionals to handle your every move, whether its a small or big job. Our staff are well versed in different languages to make your move as comfortable as possible. We provide a very convienient and resonable solution to your problem. Call us now for a free quote!
  • When should I plan my move?
    We recommend that you should book your international move at least one month in advance and for local moves you should book two weeks prior to your move. These suggested times will allow us to confirm your move on your preferred date and give you sufficient time to prepare.
  • How do I book my move?
    You can fill in the booking form onthis website or call +852 98004850 to get a free quote now!
  • Does Moveasy provide full moving service?
    Yes, we provide full moving service from dismantling items such as beds and wardrobe, packing them and moving, to unpacking and reassembly at destination. We will also assist you in disposing of waste or unwanted items. Please note all packing materials will be provided by us all inclusive of your moving quotation.
  • Are there any hidden costs?
    No ! We will outline all the costs and expenses at the time of quoting after analysing your move so as not to surprise you!
  • Is it cheaper if I pack my own items prior to my move?
    It sure is. Time is money, so if you plan to pack your items prior to the move it will save us a lot of time. We can provide the boxes required for you to pack.
  • How do I pay for my move?
    We accept payment via bank transfer or cash.
  • Does Moveasy provide storage facilities?
    Yes, we have large storage facilities that are clean, safe and well maintained. We offer short-term storage as well as long-term shorage, no matter the size of item you would like to store, even if it is just one box.
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